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Something Is Missing Here!

This past Monday, June 16 before I headed to the Olympic Stadium in Montreal to watch the match between Canada and the Netherlands, I was looking to buy a soccer … Continue reading

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All International Sports Events Are Opportunities

These days I am in Canada to experience the Women’s World Cup firsthand and will write about it in the near future. This is my third Women’s World Cup that … Continue reading

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Why Night Letters?!

The first question that you might have when you visit this blog, is why “Night Letters”?! Well, this title is a translation for the Persian word, Shabnameh, which was the … Continue reading

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Life Inside an Iranian Prison

 The New York Times / Room for Debate/ Link Roozbeh Mirebrahimi is an Iranian journalist who lives in New York City.   I was arrested in fall 2004 because of my work as … Continue reading

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Iran Is A Country

A few weeks ago I went to the bank for some banking works. By the time when the customer service understood that I am an Iranian asked me ” Are … Continue reading

February 25, 2009 · 2 Comments

A Big Liar!

I am so sorry. He is really a big liar.

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Do You Think It Is A Dream?

 In New York City everybody is focusing on Mahmud Ahmadinejad travel to NY next week. They don’t have good feelings about him and I heard much about Ahmadinejad  from people … Continue reading

September 21, 2007 · 1 Comment

Did Ransanjani go to black list?

Today I heard and read news from Iran that it was very interest for me. I read the ministry of Iranian government which is named “Ershad” banned Hashemi Rafsanjani’s memorial … Continue reading

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