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My Next Writing Mission!

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is over, and the US Women’s National team brought the gold medal to the United States. I am a big fan of them, and I have followed them very closely since 2007 when they were not so successful in getting to the top in China. I also followed them during the 2011 World Cup in which they were so close to becoming the champions.. Since that tragic final, three faces have stayed with me for a long time after that World Cup: the face of Carli Lloyd when she kicked the ball out of the box in the last penalty kicks, Alex Morgan’s face when you could clearly see how sad she was, and a very sad face of Abby Wambach, the captain of the team, who had a dream to bring home the Cup!

But they never gave up, worked hard, and made it to the stage that they really deserved. Last Sunday, when the best player of the tournament, Carli Lloyd, scored three times in the final match, I kept thinking about her face four years ago. That sad moment for her was not the end of the world! That was the beginning for her to work more and fight harder, and the result of working hard paid off. Now she is the best in the women’s soccer world.

During my stay in Canada for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, I had a chance to watch a lot of good games and witness some of the top players who make a difference in the field.

The experiences of the Women’s World Cup were very unique to me as a journalist, soccer fan, and also as an Iranian-American. During the tournament, I took a lot of notes that I will use in my future “writing mission”. My future “mission” is to write about this great journey for Persian speakers who hear less or nothing at all about the world of women’s soccer.

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