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Do You Think It Is A Dream?

here is Khavaran in Tehran.9/11Daily News

 In New York City everybody is focusing on Mahmud Ahmadinejad travel to NY next week. They don’t have good feelings about him and I heard much about Ahmadinejad  from people here.

They are angry at Ahmadinejad. Here you can find many people always remembering 9/11. I’m sure that place (ground zero) is very important for the American people and especially for  New Yorkers.

When I came to New York, on the first day I went there and visited “ground zero”. It was a very sad scene.

When you are visiting there, you understand why the American people became sad after 9/11.

I’m thinking about that time in this city. And also I’m thinking about all victims in the world.

Why somebody should kill other humans for any reason?

When will the world always opt for peace?

Do you think it is a dream?

But I know this man cannot understand what “ground zero” for American is. Maybe he should visit many places like this place in Iran, especially “Khavaran”. The place where many executed Iranian political prisoner are buried.

One comment on “Do You Think It Is A Dream?

  1. shaya
    September 21, 2007

    roozbeh-jan, it’s wonderful to read you in English. Thank you for this. I hope the world opts for peace, too. People may say you’re a dreamer, but you’re not the only one… be omideh didar, s.

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