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Judiciary Orders Students to Solitary Confinement


By Roozbeh Mirebrahimi-Roozonline, 2007.08.23

A few days after reporters published the threatening comments of Tehran’s general prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi while addressing the families of three imprisoned Polytechnic University Students, the Islamic Student Association of Amir Kabir (Polytechnic) University issued a statement condemning the general prosecutor’s comments and warning about fatal threats facing the lives of the three students.

The statement blames the treatment of the imprisoned students on factional infighting within the judiciary: “Undoubtedly the situation of the three tortured students has arisen due to the infighting going on within the judiciary branch of the government. Despite the clear orders of the head of judiciary, Hashemi Shahroudi, calling for the immediate release of the students, Judge Mortazavi has not only refused to obey the order but has instead moved the students to solitary confinement and revoked their visitation and phone privileges. Perhaps a new round of torture and intimidation has already begun for these three students at Evin Prison’s ward 209.”

The statement also responds to the remarks of Tehran’s general prosecutor: “Saeed Mortazavi, whose dark background in suppressing and intimidating social and civil activists in Iran in the past years has helped him receive quick promotions in the judiciary’s darkroom and whose role in the murder case of Zahra Kazemi will always remain in people’s memories, yesterday told the tormented families of the three tortured Polytechnic students that their children had not yet been tortured so that they understood the meaning of torture.”

The statement continues, “Of course, in situations where an appointed judge convicts innocent students before investigations even begin, it is also normal for the prosecutor to engage in all kinds of inhuman behavior.”

Following the meeting of the families of students with the general prosecutor, the father of one of the detained students told Radio Farda that while admitting that he had not yet read the case file the general prosecutor had announced his certainty that “the students were behind publishing the insulting material.”

Another part of the statement addresses government officials: “The Islamic Student Association of Amir Kabir University calls on all officials in the judiciary to take adequate measures to change the alarming condition of the three students as soon as possible, and not to allow the outcome of the students’ complaints against the inhumane behavior of Mortazavi and Judge Haddad to be the return of the students to solitary and torture-rooms, rather than confronting the propagators and supporters of torture.”

In a separate statement, the Committee for the Release of Political and Student Activists wrote, “According to the oral and written statements of the Ghassaban, Mansouri and Tavakkoli families, and based on the clear statements of freed students, the three detained students are undergoing severe psychological and physical torture. In addition, despite a clear announcement by the judiciary’s spokesperson that Ayatollah Shahroudi had ordered for the release of the three aforementioned students – which came in response to the repeated letters of the students’ families – the release of the students faces serious hurdles.”

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